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Whatcha Eating Today?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Aren't we always thinking about what to eat for the next meal? Or, for some of us always in a hurry, what can I get or do to have something nutritious, fast to cook and good to eat?

I work long hours, and there is not much to offer in terms of nutritious food where I work (as in in an industrial park setting). Being very busy at work, I hardly have to time to think about my next meal (be it lunch or dinner) until the stomach starts to growl, and more often than not, way past meal time. Yes, I believe some of you reading this have similar experience. Fortunately for me, I work at a food supplies company and for that matter, one that offers freshly frozen seafood. You got me right... Freshly frozen seafood.

How can frozen seafood be fresh? I know what you are thinking. [smile] Me too, this was the same question I had in mind when I was first introduced to frozen seafood. Not just any frozen seafood, but seafood supplied by the company I came to work with after testing at least half of the products it carries. How else can I find out about the quality except to put the seafood into the pot?

Rice porridge with patin fish slice

Throwback a couple of months ago... And, this was the first time I tasted patin fish. Growing up, my mum bought small fishes such as ikan selah, ikan kuning, ikan bilis, and the occasional white promfret, rabbitfish, threadfin and a couple of other fish. So, what kind of fish is patin? I will cover more about this fish perhaps in the next post.

Patin fish is interesting -- the flesh itself is medium coarse, quite soft to the bite and is rather tasteless. I had seasoned the fish only with a small sprinkling of salt just before cooking. I tasted every bit of fish in this dish, and I must say I took a liking to it almost instantly. (I admit I hate fish that smells when it is not fresh!) The texture is firm, an indication that it was fresh, and you can see that the fish did not break up into bits or become unrecognizable morsels in the porridge. What's the best part? The fish slice is boneless! Wow! I only had to thaw the packet of fish straight out of the freezer and use it after a rinse with water. Senang ("easy" in Malay).

The tummy is rumbling as it's time for lunch. I am going to find an item to whip up something quick, yet nutritious and delicious. Afterall, I live to eat. [wink]

Before I go, do check out the patin fish slice on the website and there is a link below too. It is one hot item as far as I know, and it's a go-to for any dish featuring fish, be it for stir fry, soup, or you name it. Oh, and for those of you who are keen to share what you are having for lunch or dinner, please feel free to send me your comments.

Happy eating!

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