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Barramundi (Seabass) 金目鲈


The Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), also known as Asian Seabass, has pearly pink flesh which becomes white when cooked. Barramundi flesh has a firm, moist texture and is flaky. The fish is prized for its sweet, buttery flavour. Small barramundi are milder in flavor than larger fish. The few bones in the fish are large and easily removed.


Locally, it is well accepted and is served in a variety of cuisine. Barramundi is a versatile fish and has a high enough oil content to keep the flesh moist while cooking, and lends itself to to a wide range of sauces and spices. The Barramundi is usually steamed using ginger and spring onion with soya sauce or fermented soya beans. Sometimes it is fried and eaten either on its own with a simple garlic and chilli dip or braised. Restaurants served this fish in mala gravy (烤鱼), sweet and sour sauce, Thai style, etc.


This whole Barramundi fish is gutted and cleaned, butterfly cut for ease of use.


Size: 550-600g (Medium)

Country Of Origin: Malaysia


Storage Guidelines:

Keep frozen below -18 degree


Cooking & Preparation:

Steam, stir fry, bake, grill or BBQ


*Pictures are only for illustration purposes.

Barramundi (Seabass) 金目鲈

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