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Baby Seabream (Baby Angoli) 红歌里鱼

Key Information: 

Seabream, popularly known as Angoli, is a white fish whose flesh tastes slightly sweet. Its meat is soft and is suitable for frying and making curry. It has been said that the fish has anti-inflammatory properties.


The fish is scaled, gilled and gutted so it's convenient to use once thawed.


Weight: 4 pcs/pkt (Approx. 400-450g)

Country Of Origin: Thailand


Storage Guidelines:

Keep frozen below -18 degree Celcius


Cooking & Preparation:

Fry, bake or grill


*Pictures are only for illustration purposes.

Baby Seabream (Baby Angoli) 红歌里鱼

$6.63 Regular Price
$5.30Sale Price
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