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Prawn Meat - Medium 虾仁 (中)

Key Information:

The prawn meat has a sweet taste and a firm structure, and is a rich source of protein. For ease of cooking, the prawn has been peeled and deveined. Simply thaw and use. They are grayish white and turn pink when cooked. This prawn meat is very versatile to use.


Packing: 500g; individually frozen 

Size: 29-30pcs/pkt

Country Of Origin: Vietnam


Storage Guidelines: 

Keep frozen below -18 degree


Cooking & Preparation: 

Steam, boil, soup, pan fry, stir fry, grill


*Pictures are only for illustration purposes.


Prawn Meat - Medium 虾仁 (中)

$8.80 Regular Price
$8.20Sale Price
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