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Yellowtail Scad (Ikan Selar) 色拉鱼

Key Information: 

Yellowtail Scad or Yellowtail Horse Mackerel, commonly known as Ikan Selar, is abundant and usually caught in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


The oily flesh is slightly sweet and flavourful, making it popular. Ikan Selar is usually fried and served with a chilli dip, such as sambal. It can also be used in making curry.


Weight: 4 pcs/pkt (400-450g)

Country Of Origin : Thailand


Storage Guidelines: 

Keep frozen below -18 degree Celcius


Cooking & Preparation:

Steam, bake or grill


*Pictures are only for illustration purposes.

Yellowtail Scad (Ikan Selar) 色拉鱼

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